Thursday, October 12, 2017

Learning 2017 “Intensive” Experiences at Learning 2017!

Welcome to Learning 2017!

Learning 2017 “Intensive” Experiences at Learning 2017!
While there are over 190 awesome sessions, discussions and activities at Learning 2017, we wanted to give our participants a few longer and more intensive learning options.  Here are a few of our “Intensives” – which will require you to sign up before you get to Orlando!
These four multipart workshop-style experiences will span multiple days, and require a commitment from 4 to 7 hours, depending upon the area of focus. Intensives will require advance sign-up and have a limited number of participants. Being a part of an Intensive will provide you with an incredible rich, in-depth experience on a given topic, while still being able to leverage the vast diversity of offerings at Learning 2017. Several of the Intensives will require participants to arrive before 5pm on Sunday.
  • Escape Room for Learning
  • Gamification & Learning Lab
  • Learning "Right Now" Dance Intensive
  • Emergency Readiness Intensive

Find out about all the Learning 2017 "Intensives" at

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