Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Thank You!

Thank You to our over 1,800 Learning 2017 Participants.

We are honored that you participated in our event and we will be sending you curation follow-up on the coming weeks.



Tuesday, October 24, 2017


Elliott Masie’s Learning 2017 Night at Disney!

Learning 2017 will provide a ticket to every participant for a special evening at Epcot, to experience the pavilions, exhibits, Food & Wine Festival, and “Illuminations” – the EPCOT Fireworks Celebrations!

·       Tickets will be provided to registered participants only as they board our Bus Shuttle from the Coronado Convention Center – between the hours of 5:30 pm and 6:45 pm.  (Please note, we cannot provide tickets for other transportation options or at other times.)  Name badges will be required.
·       Buses will depart from the Veracuz Lobby.
·       Your family members and guests are welcome to join us! Passes can be purchased for them at a discounted group rate from the hotel front desk concierge.   They may travel with you on the bus, but must have their tickets prior to boarding.
·       Transportation to return from EPCOT is available throughout the night.  We will have extra buses available after the fireworks (9:30 pm).
·       Disney Disney Magical Hours!  EPCOT will have extended hours on October 24th .  Certain EPCOT attractions will remain open until 11:00pm (only for Disney Hotel guests – you must be wearing your Magic Band)

LearningTown Connections: Use the LearningTown App to find others with whom you can explore Epcot!

Sunday, October 22, 2017

"Right Now!" by Val Vigoda & Ryan O'Connell

"Right Now" 

there's never been a better time to take the road less travelled
'cause now there are infinite roads
they rocket and they wander, they loop and they meander 
computers cracking infinite codes

you ache for the journey 
you feel your heart yearn
the spark of curiosity
the longing to learn 

the past in your pocket
the present in your sight
the future in your footsteps
as you dance on beams of light

right now 
at the edge of the chasm
right now 
at the start of the climb
awake, alive
hand in hand we will arrive
where we only can imagine
from the threshold of our time
right now

it doesn't matter who you are 'cause no one here is broken
everyone will stumble and fall
and what you see as weakness, might just be your uniqueness
could be your greatest gift to us all

you ache for the journey 
you feel your heart yearn
the spark of curiosity
the longing to learn 

the past in your pocket
the present in your view
the future at your fingertips
the rest is up to you


as we dream let our minds be filled with wonder
as we run let our feet be light as air
as we fly let our wings help lift each other 
higher than alone we'd ever dare



Saturday, October 21, 2017

Digital Learning "Ads"

Learning Digital Signage will be an experiment for us at Learning 2017!  There will be 14 digital displays located around the Coronado Convention Center.  Some are Portrait, Some are Landscape and 1 is Massive.

We will blend information, updates, Questions, Polls and even some historic cool art.  The images will change and evolve.  They are meant to be "Glance and Hmmmm" rather than be informational PowerPoints.  Think of them as Learning "Ads" - which are changed via a web interface on a time based schedule.  Enjoy and think of this as "e" - Ads!

Secreatry of Education of Puerto Rico at Learning 2017

We are honored to announce that Secretary of Education of Puerto Rico, Julia Keleher, will be a special guest at Learning 2017, to be held in Orlando, Florida on October 23, 2017.

She will meet with and address senior learning leaders from corporations about the continuity of education in Puerto Rico following the recent hurricane.

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Right Now at Learning 2017

Our team is already in Orlando and the Disney staff are prepping for YOUR arrival this weekend.  Over 1,800 of our colleagues will be coming to be part of a "Right Now" experience about Learning Changes!

We are thrilled that our Learning 2017 Anthem will be presented as both a song by writer and performer Val Vigoda on Sunday night.  And, then as a dance choreographed by Rumi Oyama and performed with 7 of your fellow participants on Tuesday afternoon.

The theme, "Right Now" is also the vibe for our conversations and benchmarking next week.  What can each of us do, "Right Now", to optimize the learnings for our workforces - in a changing economy and technology landscape.

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Learning 2017 “Intensive” Experiences at Learning 2017!

Welcome to Learning 2017!

Learning 2017 “Intensive” Experiences at Learning 2017!
While there are over 190 awesome sessions, discussions and activities at Learning 2017, we wanted to give our participants a few longer and more intensive learning options.  Here are a few of our “Intensives” – which will require you to sign up before you get to Orlando!
These four multipart workshop-style experiences will span multiple days, and require a commitment from 4 to 7 hours, depending upon the area of focus. Intensives will require advance sign-up and have a limited number of participants. Being a part of an Intensive will provide you with an incredible rich, in-depth experience on a given topic, while still being able to leverage the vast diversity of offerings at Learning 2017. Several of the Intensives will require participants to arrive before 5pm on Sunday.
  • Escape Room for Learning
  • Gamification & Learning Lab
  • Learning "Right Now" Dance Intensive
  • Emergency Readiness Intensive

Find out about all the Learning 2017 "Intensives" at